Get the Skinny on Keeping Your Wallet Fat with Fitness Coupon Club

    RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA, March 24, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — Research has proven that in order to get fit and stay that way, a person’s best bet is to buddy up for success. Not only do they offer some much-needed support and motivation to power through tough workouts, a weight loss or fitness buddy can also share in successes and help push past failures. But, what if this partnership began before burning a single calorie? What if the buddy system could not only help folks shed a few unwanted pounds, but save a few bucks as well?

That’s precisely what Fitness Coupon Club aims to do. This new online group buying community is exclusively tailored to buddies looking to lose weight and lock in savings. That’s because, unless a minimum number of folks sign up for any one local deal, no one will get to enjoy it. So, users will need to seek out fellow weight loss warriors to enter into the fight with them – by passing along unbeatable discounts for health club memberships, boot camps, personal training sessions and more along to their friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Partners In Losing – Partners In Saving!

What better way to invite friends and neighbors to get fit and get healthy – than with the hottest deals at the hottest fitness haunts around town? So, come on, grab a buddy – or better yet, grab ten or twenty – and shave a few inches off of your waists all while shaving some dollars off of your collective budgets!

Here’s how FitnessCouponClub works: as soon as one member gets a deal about a local gym or fitness program in their inbox, they’re instantly able to rebroadcast their deal to everyone they know – on Facebook, on Twitter and with an email forward.

It’s free to sign up and it’s easy to redeem any one deal – all one has to do is click “buy” before the offer expires at midnight. But, remember: a local deal will only reap rewards if enough people sign up for it. If the minimum sign-up isn’t met, no one gets the deal and no one gets charged.

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