Olympic-Level Swimmers Michael Chadwick and Jacob Pebley Sign With Tallslim Tees

    SEATTLE, WA, May 01, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — CG Sports Management is excited to announce that two Olympic-level swimmers — Michael Chadwick and Jacob Pebley — have signed endorsement deals with TallSlim Tees, a Utah company that specializes in clothing for men of a particular build.

Founded in 2014, TallSlim Tees[1] designs and sells t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, polos, henleys, button-up shirts, and sweatshirts for tall, lean men. The partnership with Chadwick and Pebley — who their USA Swimming teammates jokingly call “Pebwick” — is fitting, given their years-long struggle to find clothes that properly drape over their swimmer bodies.

“If you’re reading this then congratulations, you live in a world where tall and slim people can be clothed properly. I’m stoked Michael and I are able to work with TallSlim Tees, a company that has solved a problem many swimmers face — fitting our long arms and broad shoulders into shirts,” Pebley said. “‘Pebwick’ has got your back covered, swimming world!”

Dan Deceuster, the founder of TallSlim Tees, is built like a swimmer himself; he’s 6-foot-6, 200 pounds. Pebley stands 6-foot-4 and Chadwick is 6-foot-6.

Deceuster has seen rapid growth since he founded the company. Besides the “Pebwick” duo, TallSlim Tees sponsors seven professional beach volleyball players, while its list of ambassadors includes the world’s tallest comedian, the tallest professional rower in the U.S., and a professional soccer goalkeeper. Celebrity stylists have also put TallSlim shirts on three NBA players.

“Nothing is more frustrating than putting on that great-fitting shirt, only to have it shrink in the wash. It means tall, skinny guys like me always had to choose between a baggy shirt that was long enough or a fitted shirt that was too short,” Deceuster said. “I was done dealing with this problem, so after nearly a year of working with different manufacturers, dimensions, fabrics, and colors, I finally created the perfect shirt for tall, slim men that doesn’t shrink in the wash.”

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