This Skinny London Home Has Gorgeous Interiors, But It’s Only Six Feet Wide

While tiny homes[1] have become popular over the years, skinny homes haven’t really caught on. You may recall this previously on-the-market skinny house[2] in Chicago that went viral for its slender frame. Although it caught the attention of many (and did sell), it seemed the general consensus was that it was just too thin. But what if a home of a similar width was looking for a new owner and its interiors were absolutely gorgeous? Would you reconsider? Did I mention it’s in London?

Currently, a charming blue home in London is selling for $1.2 million (£ 950,0000) with Winkworth and is “quite probably the thinnest house in England,” according to the listing. This two-bedroom 1,034 square foot home sits in between two shops on Goldhawk Road in the Shepherds Bush neighborhood. It is quite tall at five stories high. However, as I’m sure you can see, there isn’t much elbow room. The home is six feet wide.

What it lacks in width, it makes up for in style and amenities. This one-of-a-kind abode is equipped with parquet floors, an original deco bath tub, a stone fireplace, a rooftop terrace, and more. Residents can travel from the home’s living room, dining room, and the home’s two bedrooms and bathrooms via its spiral staircases and ladders. The main bedroom, located on the top level, features an attic pulldown ladder and is equipped with a built-in bed. Not to mention the dining room features two glass doors that lead directly to the home’s lush landscaped patio.

Besides its beautiful details, the home features a Nest controlled heating system and a cult favorite AGA stove. Simon Waller of Winkworth, who holds the listing[3], compares the home’s detailed interiors to those of a luxury yacht. “It’s quirky and charming and great for entertaining and will appeal to someone who feels there is more to life than two up, two down,” he said about the home in a press release.

The dashing blue structure originated as a hat shop, but was later converted into a home by fashion photographer Jurgen Teller. Its original storefront window remains intact. You can check out the home’s listing and schedule a virtual tour here[4].

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